powerOne Finance Pro App Reviews

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The best calculator app!

A fantastic library with many application options to choose.

Great Tool

The App is easy to handle.


Vor allem die Plot-Funktion beim „Summary Data“ Template. Kompliment an die Entwickler.

100 per Cent Perfect

Absolutely tremendous and sophisticated prog. Only One Thing i couldnt find were SI-Units in some cases. So it should be possible to calculate everything by Default in m, cm, l, kg etc. Perhaps i missed the right Option? 100% worth the Fee!!!!

Fantastic utility

This is the single most useful app on my phone and on my iPad. I use it all the time. Once you discover all the models in the library you WILL stop looking for anything else. Plus the developer is super responsive and friendly. This app is worth a lot more than its price.

Just Perfect

This app is one of the best I have ever seen. I just have to say thank you for your hard work.


Every mortgae broker should have this application. I do not have to pack my HP plus you get many other useful calculators. Can not go wrong with this app. Canadian Mortgage Broker

The products and the customer service are amazing!

Thank you very much!

Wow, this is my number 1 app on the Ipad

Downloaded this a while a go when i first bought my Ipad. I only used lately while shopping for a car... I beat the Car Salesman with fast calculations using auto loan template. I even had a chance to prouve one of them wrong...! I am sure i saved a couple on hundreds This was my best negociation tool while shopping.

One of the most valuable app

This is one of the most valuable app that I use on a daily bases. The new plot feature that was added lately is an excellent upgrade that the developer of the app ever thought of. What I love to see in the future, and I understand that I am asking for toooooo much, but I would love to be able to write my equation in and have the app graphing it, this way I can say goodbye to my lovely MacBook. I know you have the talent to make it possible. Hey you could charge more, eh.. Haqi

Best Calculator Ever

I am a Financial Advisor and use this calculator constantly to check my numbers/facts for everything from mortgages, savings to investment ROI estimations, etc. The $4.99 is well worth it - highly recommended!!

Must have

This calculator is must for real estate associates,made my life easier.


Great calc with lots of features but not too burdensome.

Worth every penny

The user should have an option to change the theme of keyboard and display. The default theme makes me uncomfortable. Other than that, its a great calculator.

Excellent app!!

Perfect solution with lots of available templates and the ability to create and share your own. Highly recommend.

Great app!

Does everything I need a calculator to do. Keep up the excellent updates!


This app serves its purpose perfectly. It has virtually all the flexibility anyone would need for financial and basic calculations. Beyond the functionality of PowerOne I would move to a modeling app such as MathStudio.


Worth the money Should be in everyones financial tool kit

This an amazing app!!!!

I love this app, I have my own business and I use it every day. Very practical and easy to use!

By far the best calculator Ive ever used

And that includes real calculators, adding machines, and even Excel for some things. I use this for almost everything. The only thing that would make it better is if it could integrate with my bluetooth keypad. Then I wouldnt need to go to my adding machine to add long lists of numbers. But still 5 stars even without this. Great app. One of the most useful tools on my iPad. Thank you!

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